Monday, December 29, 2008

I don´t want to leave...

It´s almost 7pm and I´m sitting here in a cyber cafe right in front of the plaza here in Lagos De Moreno. The doors are open and the cool evening breeze is quite relaxing. I love it here. The girls are having the time of their lives. I´ve taken so many cool photos and have so many stories that I can´t wait to share with you all!

I guess all good things have to come to an end, but I really don´t want to leave. Ugh, just thinking about going back to Omaha and the cold makes me sad. The only reason I´m going home is because of my parents. I just don´t have it in me to leave them. I know, I know. I´m 24 years old and should be past this by now, but I´m not... Every time I call home, Mom tells me how much she misses us. I know how much it would hurt her if we didn´t go home.

I´m not thinking about moving here forever or anything like that. That would be a bit extreme. But, I´d really love to stay down here until the Quinceneara in April. By then, Spring would just be starting in Omaha and all the nasty weather would be gone. We´ve even went as far as to look at apartments and houses for rent! The rent is so incredibly cheap. But, there´s the whole leaving my mom thing and, well... you know how that goes.

Also, the one condition that would have to be met to ensure my happiness down here would be a computer at home. Holy crap, the computers are EXPENSIVE down here. I mean, a cheap-o system that you could get for $300 at Wal-Mart is over 8000 pesos!! OUCH! And, the girls would enjoy a TV. Another 3000 pesos for a simple little TV. Me and Jose have talked and talked and talked about me and the girls staying down here for awhile and we decided that we will wait awhile.

I will have time to talk to my mom about it and we will also have time to get the stuff together that I want to take with me!

Sorry this was so long and kind of jumbled. I love it here and can´t wait to share the pictures with you guys.


Traciy Curry-Reyes said...

I would love to have the chance to visit my husband's country. He is from Vera Cruz. I also like connecting with other mixed couples.

chicadedios25 said...

I am glad you are having a blast. I want to go back to Mexico!

Tee said...

I imagine it's hard to come back. It's just a totally different way of life. My husband is from El Salvador and while I missed plenty of things about home, I often think back wistfully to the lazy afternoons in the hammocks - etc.

Best wishes!


Amanda said...

Im sure once you get back to your home the comfort of it will help you make up your mind. Although its not that bad down here. :)