Thursday, January 15, 2009

We've been home almost a week now. I'm getting to the point where I really, really want Jose to go back to work. Its all nice and good having him around 24/7, but its slowly turning into a "too much of a good thing" situation.

In other words, he's starting to drive me bonkers.

Anyways... :)

The first picture I've chosen to share with you all is the bathroom. Yup, here it is in all its glory. I was not exaggerating.

Don't you love the lack of a toilet seat? And the barrels of water every where? You know what those are for, right? There is a small bucket inside of the barrels that you fill with water and dump into the toilet so that it flushes.

Nice, huh.

Me and Jose were discussing the whole bathroom situation, and it DOES have its good qualities. The room is only partially roofed. It virtually never, ever stinks in there. And, um... well, that's the only good thing I can think of, but I'm sure there is more!

Moving on...

The flowers were beautiful. I think they called my attention even more because here in Nebraska, the flowers have been dead for MONTHS. I was dying to try out the macro feature on my camera, so I took advantage of all the pretty flowers.

Sorry to cut this short... :) I'll share more pictures in a bit! Take care!


~*jenn*~ said...

OMG....I love that you shared the pic of the bathroom...I swear everyone thinks I'm exaggerating about that too...I still do not understand WHY in the world they don't have toilet seats!!! What really got me was when you stop at a gas station or whatever and have to pay to use the bathroom and they still have no seats (or toilet paper for that matter!!!)

It's been a while since I've been on here...I missed ya'll!! Talk to ya soon!

~Jenn :)

Married to a Mexican said...

At least it's inside, my husbands families it outside. Great post I'm glad I found you.